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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 3 BOYS.

MY Theodore.

My little Theodore just turned 2 years. He is remarkably intelligent and I cannot wait to watch him grow and see all of what he is capable of becoming. He is very outgoing similar to Alvin but he can be shy. He is very attached to dad  and could sit with dad all day long. He lets me know what he likes and does not like and always makes me laugh.

My ALVIN....ALVIN!!!!!!

My Alvin is a very handsome boy. So handsome that many people often stop us to let us know "how cute" Alvin is and boy does he know it!
Alvin is not only cute with long eyelashes but he also has an extremely outgoing personality. He is very friendly and has many friends in class. He is very organized and methodical in his way of thinking.
He is very strong-willed and and determined.
I love his hugs and when he tells me he loves me I know that he really means it since it rarely occurs :-)


Simon is my oldest stepson....The son I always imagined.

He is so sweet; words cannot describe his sweetness. He always shows how much he cares and is extremely sensitive. My favorite part is that he is always on my side. If his brothers say something to upset me or even his father, he is the one who is always there to cheer me up and make me feel better.

My mornings are no longer my own, and I can no longer sleep in until 9am because I am awakened 7 DAYS A WEEK (school day or not) at dawn by Simon jumping into our bed and onto my side giving me a big hug. A HUG that makes me feel fulfilled :-)

Simon is full of energy and loves to use his imagination so you defintiely need a lot of energy around him.

Entry #1

So I have been going at this for about 5 weeks now. Love the kids.....the mother...ehhhhh
not so sure. Maybe I would begin to respect her if she actually showed that she cared about her children. Never met a mom (until now that is) who loves herself more than her children.