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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my boys

the boys are getting older and changing.

i love them to death.

yesterday theodore and i had a great day. we bonded. played legos and learning. did a kumon learning book together. read a story. did gymnastics and some karate for fun. listened to music. ate some homemade chicken soup.

alvin has been taking care of me when i do not feel good. his hugs always make me feel better. they are the best medicine.

more updates on poor me

So yesterday the boys come over and the older two are wearing their clothes inside out and have the wrong size underwear. Alvin is wearing WAY too big of a pair and Simon is wearing a small pair.

In addition, their clothes smell terrible.

Today they come by and.....again their socks do not match. Simon's shirt is inside out and Theodore is wearing the same diaper he had on from last night.

Does this woman care about her children??

The kids are off of school this week and this is "POOR MEs" week. We asked her and emailed her at least 10 times but never heard back regarding the schedule. Then at around 8:30 am yesterday morning, she called my hubby and says I am bringing over the kids right now....
WHAT??? You never responded and let us know. But she did not care. Instead she provided us with an elaborate story about how she had work. WHO HAD WORK yesterday?? It was very difficult to drive anywhere. We had a major blizzard in the northeast. The news states that it was the biggest in a half a century. But of course POOR ME never let us know the schedule for the kids and then she acted as if she had work.

Our nanny went to her house to pick up the children and we kept them with us all day. The nanny let me know that POOR ME did not look like she was going to work as she was still in her pajamas.

We also have them today. Of course no schedule just random calls of come get the kids from me..."they really want to see u guys"

What is wrong with this woman???

Monday, December 20, 2010

hearing stories

I am beginning to go crazy from all of the things POOR ME calls my husband about and I am wondering what other new wives do. How do you ignore her??

Should I begin to not ask my husband to share what she does? But then I feel like I am not being supportive. What do you think is the best way to cope with her.


I am really wondering what other custody arrangements other step families have.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Night....HELLO I clean up their VOMIT

So last night, Friday, my husband and I went out as a couple to an event.

Another annoying moment of being a step mom is that NO ONE acknowledges you for what you do.

I did not work at all yesterday because the boys were sick so instead of their mom taking off of work, I did. I slept in bed with them and we watched cartoons, I gave them pretzels and Pediasure.
I also cleaned their VOMIT.

OMG let me tell you that I never realized how bad vomit smells and how much I appreciate my parents for cleaning my vomit.

It makes me realize that I really am becoming part of the boys lives and how much I love them.

Well last night of course....a woman we were sitting next to does not ask me "so how are the boys" .....Instead she look to my husband and say "how are YOUR boys".
I felt like bashing this woman for asking my husband and letting her know that he worked all day and I was the one who spent all day with them.....

I just kept my mouth shut. But for all of the stepmoms out there we need to do something about this. I am sick of these stereotypes.


Why does she keep calling. Every night this past week she has called in the middle of the night to let us know that Theodore had a fever.

It is her third child yet she is unaware how to care for him and what to do.

She calls and says....he has a fever "What should I do" and I think to myself gosh I really hope the kids grow up quickly because they  cannot afford to be sick on the weeks they are sleeping at her home.

I know that part of her does it to annoy my husband and I but please lady....if your child is sick put your child first and care for him and worry about me and my husband later.

My husband and I have both explained to her to use Tylenol and Motrin when a baby has a fever. Let's hope she catches on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a lot of fun this past weekend for Halloween. Simon was Batman and Spiderman. Alvin was Ironman and Theodore was a little spider.

One of the hardest parts about being a stepmom is that I am not with the children all of the time. You may think well isn't that easier???? BUT the answer is a resounding NO and that is because I do not always know what is going on with the boys. For example, on Friday I attended Simon's School Halloween Parade. I was really excited to see him and as he was walking by I see a woman put out her hand to give him five.
I never saw this woman before and I had no clue who was giving my SIMON a "high five". It must have been one of his mom's friends but it was quite difficult since yes I was the one who gave him a bath that morning, got him dressed for school, picked him up and made him lunch and put him in his costume. Yet I had no clue who was saying hello to him.

I am not sure how many other stepmoms are bothered by this, but I am definitely bothered by the fact that I did not know this woman.

Otherwise we had a great Halloween. I took the boys Trick-or-Treating with some of the other moms from the neighborhood and their children. Alvin had a blast since many of the kids who came went to his school.

Also, this weekend was the first time that Alvin called me "MOM" it was such an amazing feeling. I never realized that such a small word goes so far.

We live on a main road but our home is pushed really far back. I would say our driveway takes only about 5 minutes to walk down BUT it is an extremely LONG 5 minutes. We actually had no Trick-or-Treaters. We got the house ready and placed seven pumpkins outside. We also bought a couple bags of candy....but NO ONE showed up.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 3 BOYS.

MY Theodore.

My little Theodore just turned 2 years. He is remarkably intelligent and I cannot wait to watch him grow and see all of what he is capable of becoming. He is very outgoing similar to Alvin but he can be shy. He is very attached to dad  and could sit with dad all day long. He lets me know what he likes and does not like and always makes me laugh.

My ALVIN....ALVIN!!!!!!

My Alvin is a very handsome boy. So handsome that many people often stop us to let us know "how cute" Alvin is and boy does he know it!
Alvin is not only cute with long eyelashes but he also has an extremely outgoing personality. He is very friendly and has many friends in class. He is very organized and methodical in his way of thinking.
He is very strong-willed and and determined.
I love his hugs and when he tells me he loves me I know that he really means it since it rarely occurs :-)


Simon is my oldest stepson....The son I always imagined.

He is so sweet; words cannot describe his sweetness. He always shows how much he cares and is extremely sensitive. My favorite part is that he is always on my side. If his brothers say something to upset me or even his father, he is the one who is always there to cheer me up and make me feel better.

My mornings are no longer my own, and I can no longer sleep in until 9am because I am awakened 7 DAYS A WEEK (school day or not) at dawn by Simon jumping into our bed and onto my side giving me a big hug. A HUG that makes me feel fulfilled :-)

Simon is full of energy and loves to use his imagination so you defintiely need a lot of energy around him.

Entry #1

So I have been going at this for about 5 weeks now. Love the kids.....the mother...ehhhhh
not so sure. Maybe I would begin to respect her if she actually showed that she cared about her children. Never met a mom (until now that is) who loves herself more than her children.