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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more updates on poor me

So yesterday the boys come over and the older two are wearing their clothes inside out and have the wrong size underwear. Alvin is wearing WAY too big of a pair and Simon is wearing a small pair.

In addition, their clothes smell terrible.

Today they come by and.....again their socks do not match. Simon's shirt is inside out and Theodore is wearing the same diaper he had on from last night.

Does this woman care about her children??

The kids are off of school this week and this is "POOR MEs" week. We asked her and emailed her at least 10 times but never heard back regarding the schedule. Then at around 8:30 am yesterday morning, she called my hubby and says I am bringing over the kids right now....
WHAT??? You never responded and let us know. But she did not care. Instead she provided us with an elaborate story about how she had work. WHO HAD WORK yesterday?? It was very difficult to drive anywhere. We had a major blizzard in the northeast. The news states that it was the biggest in a half a century. But of course POOR ME never let us know the schedule for the kids and then she acted as if she had work.

Our nanny went to her house to pick up the children and we kept them with us all day. The nanny let me know that POOR ME did not look like she was going to work as she was still in her pajamas.

We also have them today. Of course no schedule just random calls of come get the kids from me..."they really want to see u guys"

What is wrong with this woman???

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