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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Night....HELLO I clean up their VOMIT

So last night, Friday, my husband and I went out as a couple to an event.

Another annoying moment of being a step mom is that NO ONE acknowledges you for what you do.

I did not work at all yesterday because the boys were sick so instead of their mom taking off of work, I did. I slept in bed with them and we watched cartoons, I gave them pretzels and Pediasure.
I also cleaned their VOMIT.

OMG let me tell you that I never realized how bad vomit smells and how much I appreciate my parents for cleaning my vomit.

It makes me realize that I really am becoming part of the boys lives and how much I love them.

Well last night of course....a woman we were sitting next to does not ask me "so how are the boys" .....Instead she look to my husband and say "how are YOUR boys".
I felt like bashing this woman for asking my husband and letting her know that he worked all day and I was the one who spent all day with them.....

I just kept my mouth shut. But for all of the stepmoms out there we need to do something about this. I am sick of these stereotypes.

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